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Okt 12, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 18/16)
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Opposition Procedure Against IR in Mexico in Force

The Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) informed WIPO that the new opposition procedure, which entered into force on August 30, 2016, also applies to international registrations designating this country and subsequent designations of Mexico notified to IMPI as from that date.

IMPI will republish the international registrations and subsequent designations under the respective national filing numbers in its online Industrial Property Gazette within a maximum period of 10 working days upon receipt of such notification. The opposition must be filed to IMPI directly within a non-extendable period of one month, drafted in Spanish and subject to payment of a fee.

Within a maxiumum period of 10 working days after expiry of this deadline, IMPI will publish a list of opposed marks. Documents relating to the opposition will be available online at the IMPI records consultation service. Holders of opposed international registrations or their local representatives may respond to the opposition within a non-extendable period of one month thereafter. The response must be drafted in Spanish, filed directly with IMPI and bear an address in Mexico for the purpose of receiving notifications. Failure to respond is not construed by IMPI as tacit acceptance of the claims made by the opposing party. The opposition does not suspend the IMPI procedure for determining whether it should grant protection or prolong the time limit for reaching that decision.

Upon expiry of the opposition period and of the response period, where appropriate, IMPI will conduct the substantive examination, during which it may consider the claims made by the opposing party and the holder during the opposition proceedings, as well as any other material deemed relevant to the examination.

Upon completion of the substantive examination, IMPI will send a statement of grant of protection or an ex officio notification of provisional refusal, as appropriate, to WIPO, and also communicate its decision to the opposing party. WIPO will transmit a copy of the notification or statement to the holder of the international registration.

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