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Mai 31, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 10/16)
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New Regulation on Customs Enforcement

A new regulation on customs enforcement of intellectual property rights, modelled after the EU Regulation No. 608/2013, entered into force in Albania on January 12, 2016.

The new regulation introduces an exhaustive list and definitions of IP rights, in line with Albania’s IP laws. It also clearly specifies the procedures and deadlines that the Albanian customs authorities and/or IPR owners should follow in case of suspected IPR-infringing goods.

The new regulation also introduced a new application for action form, similar to the EU form used under the EU Regulation. The application for action may be submitted either electronically or in hard copy. Currently, electronic submission is only possible by email, as the customs authorities are still developing the online application system.

The new application must contain mandatory information on genuine goods, comprising (i) a more detailed description of goods including average market price and distinctive features; (ii) places of production; (iii) names of involved companies such as manufacturers, suppliers, importers, exporters, consignees and authorized traders. Omitting mandatory information may lead to rejection of application.

Finally, the new application is to be submitted upon or at any time before the expiration of the application for action granted under the former regulation.