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Apr 05, 2016 (Newsletter Issue 6/16)
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New Version of Madrid Goods and Services Manager Now Available

WIPO informed that a new version of the Madrid Goods and Services Manager is now available.

A number of functions, as well as new content, have been introduced to enhance the Madrid Goods and Services Manager and make it easier to use.

The following topics are new:
- Explanatory Notes in all languages: Explanatory Notes help to establish the correct classification of terms that are not found in the Alphabetical List of Goods and Services. These Explanatory Notes are now available in all 17 languages of the Madrid Goods and Services Manager.
- Similar group codes: Some countries have developed coding systems that facilitate the search of similar groups of goods or services through the use of codes known as “similar group codes”. These may facilitate similarity searches before an international application is filed. They are also used in some IP Offices during the examination process. You can now access national “similar group codes” for the IP Offices of Japan (JPO) and of the Republic of Korea (KIPO), which were the first IP Offices to communicate these codes to WIPO.
- Search by Nice Classification indication basic number: A “basic number” is attributed to each indication from the Alphabetical List of the Nice Classification. In the new version of the tool, a basic number can be used to search Nice indications and will generate all synonymous indications associated with the basic number.
- Participating countries: The number of Madrid System Contracting Parties participating in the Madrid Goods and Services Manager continues to grow and includes 26 Contracting Parties as of January 2016.
- Updated support: Help and FAQ modules have been updated in all current languages to provide better support and reflect recent improvements to the tool.