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Arnold + Siedsma
Michiel Rijsdijk
Michiel Rijsdijk
Rembrandt Tower, Amstelplein 1
1096 Amsterdam
Netherlands (NL)
Tel + 31 20 333 1433
Fax + 31 20 333 1434

A good idea deserves protection

We love intellectual property and it is what we do best. We believe in excellence and we achieve this by combining decades of IP experience with youthful élan, by staying sharp and focused, with dedication to the needs of our clients.

We have renowned solicitors, patent attorneys and trademark attorneys. As is speed, straight forward communication, maximum personal attention, and direct and easy contact with the case manager. In other words, we stand for quality and clarity in the way we serve you, irrespective of the nature, urgency and complexity of the question or case.

We are conscious of the need to keep the costs as low as possible, reason why we offer a transparent and highly competitive cost structure. We make your business our business.

We have experience in proceedings before the European Patent Office, the Benelux and Community trademark offices, WIPO and the European Court of Justice. In complicated patent and trademark cases we often deal with cross-border issues. Thus we are at ease with high profile cases, complex legal issues and tough litigation, but always aiming at the most efficient way of protecting your interests.

As we constantly seek to surpass ourselves, we systematically monitor the quality of our services and are critical to ourselves and each other. We greatly value and appreciate feedback from our clients and welcome any discussion with you about the quality of our service.

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Benelux (BX)  
Netherlands (NL)