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Aug 21, 2018
Laura Pedemonte, Barzanò & Zanardo, Italy
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Italy – Parallel imports of medical devices: a landmark...

Laura Pedemonte, Barzanò & Zanardo, ItalyAlthough there is plenty of case law from both the European Court of Justice (ECJ) and the EU national Courts on the parallel import of drugs, very few decisions exist regarding the parallel import of medical devices. The Court of Milan recently issued a landmark ruling in a case relating to the parallel import of home-self monitoring medical devices whose repackaging was challenged by the trade mark holder. The multinational Johnson & Johnson has been marketing in Italy a glucose home-control device in packages containing either 25 or 100 strips under the  read more

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All Barzanò & Zanardo attorneys are prepared to deal with any complex problem relating to their specific Intellectual Property expertise through both in-house training and specialized publicly available courses, designed and aimed at achieving their full preparation and official graduation in Italian and European level.

Our patent attorneys are trained to offer advice in all traditional technical fields as well as in those of the most recently developed technologies, from mechanics to electronics, from chemistry to biotechnology, from the topography of semiconductor to plant variety, for filing and enforcing patents in Italy and everywhere abroad.

Among the tasks carried out by our patent attorneys, besides the assistance to the clients in the enforcement of their patents, there are the technical expertise as experts independently appointed by Italian Courts in patent judicial disputes (full scale law-suits and injunction proceedings). Our patent attorneys further interact with the attorneys of the legal department, as far as the licenses and technology transfers are concerned.

The legal department is involved by legacy in the protection of marks, company names and logos, domain names, in addition to Copyright and software. Therefore rather important is the activity of availability searches with its related advices and the subsequent phase of registration for trademarks and domain names carried out both domestically and in any given foreign Country.

B&Z also carries out the activity of due diligence as a supplement to the acquisition and/or incorporation of companies.