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Sep 19, 2017
Katherine Van Deusen Hely, Caribbean IP, USA
First published on
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Cayman Islands: Review of New Transitional Provisions

Katherine Van Deusen Hely, Caribbean IP, USA, First published on www.Caribbean-IP.comThe Cabinet of the Cayman Islands issued the Trade Marks (Transitional Provisions) Regulations, 2017 (the “Transitional Provisions”). The Trade Marks Law, 2016 (the “2016 Law”) was passed in November of last year and went into effect on August 1, 2017. The Cabinet issued all other relevant regulations when it established the effective date of the 2016 Law in May 2017. However, the Cabinet only released the Transitional Provisions on July 28, 2017, leaving mark owners with only one business day in the interim between publication and  read more

Caribbean IP


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Caribbean IP is an intellectual property law firm focusing on trademark and other IP services across 26 Caribbean jurisdictions. The firm prides itself on handling trademark searches, registrations, renewals, recordals, oppositions, and enforcement matters in a time- and cost-efficient manner. Katherine founded Caribbean IP in 2014, after working for several years in another Caribbean-focused practice. She and her partner Patrick Hely and their team work with clients from around the world, including numerous Fortune 500 companies and top-ranked law firms. The Caribbean IP team has experience handling all aspects of trademark practice across the Caribbean region.

Katherine obtained a Legal Education Certificate from the Eugene Dupuch Law School in The Bahamas and a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Vanderbilt University. She is a member of the Florida Bar and an active member of the International Trademark Association, where she is currently serving as Vice Chair of the INTA Bulletins Committee. She regularly writes articles on trademark law developments in the Caribbean for INTA and other global publications.