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Multinational Agreements
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Mai 06, 2009
Dr. Jur. Richard Brunner, Dennemeyer & Associates, Luxembourg

IP Outsourcing – an efficient way of focusing on core c...

Dr. Jur. Richard Brunner, Dennemeyer & Associates, LuxembourgEnterprises always seek for innovative ways to increase productivity and to reduce costs. To reach this goal, firms choose more and more often to outsource certain business operations. What applies to companies in whole, applies also to patent and trademark departments. A successful outsourcing project in the field of intellectual property requires a complete analysis of costs, proper core competencies and internal workflows on one hand, and of the flexibility, experience, proved competence and know-how of the outsourcing partner on the other hand. A services level agreement (SLA) between the corporate IP department and the outsourcing provider should frame the respective duties of the parties, as well as define the mechanisms and workflows of the collaboration. An elaborate project plan shall detail all the necessary steps with regard to the transition from doing all patent or trademark administrative work in-house to focusing on more IP strategic and controlling functions. read more