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06-14-2017 (Newsletter Issue 11/17)
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New Online Form for International Applications

EUIPO informs about the new online form where EUIPO’s users can file a request for an international trademark application through the Madrid Protocol system administered by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). In order to access the form EUIPO’s users will just need to log in.

The form can be accessed in various ways on the EUIPO’s website:
- Through the Dashboard in your User Area
- Via the Online Services hub
- From the Forms and Filings page
- Via eSearch plus in the ‘Actions and communications’ section

Applications can be based on one or more EU trademarks or EU trademark applications. Like the other electronic forms of the Office, users can save their work as a draft at any time in the process, and return to it later.

The European Union ratified the Madrid Protocol in 2004, allowing the EUIPO to accept international registrations of trademarks and to forward international applications from its users to the WIPO.
Up until now, the only way to file an international application based on an EU trademark application was to send the application using a paper form, which tended to produce more formality deficiencies.