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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 8/17 (April 2017)

Australia Consultation on Proposed Legislation Changes Put on Hold read more

Benelux Request for Correction of Declaration of Standard Characters read more

Canada Decisions on Opposition/Section 45 Proceedings Made Accessible Now read more

Canada Modernised Trademarks Database Released read more

OAPI/AIPO Trade Marks Office in Congo Currently Closed read more

WIPO Phase II of DesignClass read more

Issue 7/17 (April 2017)

Andorra Official Fees Increased read more

ARIPO New IP Law Entered Into Force in Gambia read more

China Official Trademark Fees Cut by Half read more

Libya Trademark Registration Certificates Issued read more

Saudi Arabia Administrative and Reduced Opposition Procedure Now read more

United Kingdom White Paper on Great Repeal Bill Published read more

WIPO Examination Guidelines on Classification Published read more

WIPO Legalised Extracts Provided for Non-Contracting Parties read more

Zimbabwe Draft of Trademarks (Madrid Protocol) Regulations 2017 read more