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Merida & Asociados

Armando Mérida
Armando Mérida
20 calle 12-51 "A" zona 10.
01010 Guatemala City
Guatemala (GT)
Tel +502 2366 7427
Fax +502 2366 7423

The Law Firm of Mérida & Asociados, was founded in 1994, by Mr. Armando Mérida, who brought with him the experience of having worked previously for a very prestigious Law Firm in Guatemala City and in the legal department of international banks in the same city.

The Law Firm is able to offer services in Corporate and Commercial Law, Business Law, Banking Law, Trademarks and Patents, Litigation, Civil and Notary Law.

Merida & Asociados recently joined the International Law Firm “Justinian Lawyers”, which is a law firm with currently 83 Law Firms around the world. The Law firm is now called “Justinian Lawyers-Mérida & Asociados”. As an international Law Firm we are then able to offer our services in different parts of the world. We provide to our clients a good and reliable service. Our clients correspond with us in Spanish, English and German. English is used normally every day as a second language.

The Firm is also member of the international network of lawyers called AEA (European Association of Lawyers).

Local Expertise:

Guatemala (GT)