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Arnason Faktor

Gunnar Hardarson
Gunnar Hardarson
Gudridarstig 2-4
113 Reykjavik
Iceland (IS)
Tel + 354 5 400 200
Fax + 354 5 400 201

Arnason Faktor is a leading IP firm in Iceland, providing counsel on various matters related to patents, trademarks, domains, design, name creation, and copyright. The firm was founded in its present-day form in 2006, when two well-established firms, A&P Arnason (1985) and Faktor Patentbureau (1969), merged.

Currently, our team consists of three European Patent Attorneys and four Trademark Attorneys, along with a very qualified and dedicated group of assistants and paralegals. Our professionals have backgrounds in many different areas, including engineering, chemistry, law, the humanities, and biology, and employ creative and lateral thinking to work effectively and efficiently for our clients.

We have built our reputation on a solid foundation of hard work, trust and transparency, which our valued client base, both domestically and internationally, greatly appreciates.

We love what we do. We have great respect for the time and effort spent on creating Intellectual Property, and do our very best to work with you so that your idea can work for you.

Local Expertise:

Iceland (IS)