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JMB Davis Ben-David

Jeremy Ben-David
Jeremy Ben-David
The Beck Science Building, 8 Hartom Street, Har Hotzvim
9777508 Jerusalem
Israel (IL)
Tel + 972 2 571 4777
Fax + 972 2 571 4455

JMB Davis Ben-David is a dual-jurisdiction full service Intellectual Property practice, representing its clients before both the US Patent and Trademark Office and the Israel Patent and Trademark Office in patents, trademarks and designs. We have an extensive, successful history of filings with the USPTO on behalf of firms worldwide. Read more

- Number of Attorneys who are native English speakers. All (10)
- Number of attorneys licensed to practice before the USPTO: 5
- Number of attorneys licensed to practice before the Israel Patent Office: 9
- Number of attorneys educated in English-speaking countries. 9
- Number of attorneys with life science PhDs: 3
- Number of attorneys with degrees in Law: 4
- Languages spoken by attorneys: English and Hebrew

Our main office is located in Israel. Our proximity to Europe means that we are in a similar time zone, rendering cooperation with clients and associates convenient. With regard to our clients and associates in the Far East, being only 7 hours behind Tokyo (for example), we have overlapping work days and thus are able to provide same day reporting regarding urgent filings.

The Beck Science Building
8 Hartom Street, Har Hotzvim
Jerusalem, Israel 9777508
Tel: +972-2-571-4777
Fax: +972-2-571-4455

Local Expertise:

Israel (IL)