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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 7/20 (May 2020)

Brazil Introduction of Multi-Class Filings Postponed read more

Germany Administrative Invalidity and Revocation Proceedings Possible Now read more

Qatar New Industrial Designs Law read more

Venezuela Electronic Procedures by IP Office Allowed read more

WIPO COVID-19 IP Policy Tracker read more

Issue 6/20 (April 2020)

Cambodia New Requirements for Filing an Affidavit of Use read more

EUIPO Common Communications on Distinctiveness of 3-D Marks / Designs on Internet read more

EUIPO Countries Join TMview / DesignClass read more

EUIPO Electronic Register on EUTMs and RCDs Launched read more

EUIPO New Functionalities of EUIPO Guidelines Extended read more

Georgia Practice Paper on Graphic Representation of Designs Published read more

Honduras Online Filing System Introduced read more

Latvia E-filing and Back Office System Enhanced read more

Mexico Accession to Hague Agreement on International Registration of Industrial Designs read more

Nicaragua Trademark Law Amended read more

Portugal Two New Online Services Launched read more

South Korea Mobile-Filing of Trademark Application Introduced read more

Taiwan Updated Taiwan-Japan Concordance of Similar Group Codes Released read more

United Arab Emirates Official Trademark Fees Reduced read more

WIPO Accession to Hague Agreement on International Registration of Industrial Designs by Mexico read more

Yemen Registrations of Medical Goods Mandatory read more