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Feb 14, 2019
Irma Cami, Albanian IP Matters, Albania
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Year in Review & Look Ahead – Albania

Irma Cami, Albanian IP Matters, Albania2018 marked another active year for Albania in the realm of trademarks. The approval of the long awaited regulation on trademarks was regarded by the IP community as a main event of 2018. Having Market Surveillance Authority finally operational and new rules on registration and administration of .AL domains were other remarkable developments in 2018. Regardless of a serious backlog of enforcement proceedings before the Albanian IPO and courts the case law continued to expand, with more elaborate reasoning and more legal grounds  read more

Albanian IP Matters

Mrs. Irma Cami

Mrs. Irma Cami
Rruga “Besim Alla” pallati Dilo, shkalla 2, apt.25
Yzberisht, Tirane
Albania (AL)
Tel +355 67 40 83 530

We are an Intellectual Property (IP) Consulting Firm operating in Albania. We consult domestic and foreign clients on the IP legal framework, and provide a full range of IP services from registration to enforcement for various IP right.

Albanian IP Matters has started its journey as an IP law firm just recently, in October 2018. However, its key figures have a considerable experience in the IP field, namely:

Mrs Irma Cami enjoys a long-standing experience of more than 10 years in IP field. She worked for 10 years at a regional IP firm, mainly focusing on IP litigations and oppositions. Her extensive experience recently saw her elected as a trainer for training judges in IP related cases.

Mr Gent Hasa is another key figure of the firm. He graduated as Mechanic Engineer in 1998, and in 2004 finished Master of Science (M.S) in Italy, and has been qualified as Patent and Trademark Agent since October 2016.

Keeping abreast of new developments and market trends is fundamental to our work.