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Ab Initio

Annick Pairault
Annick Pairault
5 rue Daunou
75002 Paris
France (FR)
Tel + 33 41 40 00 73
Fax + 33 42 66 02 10

Ab initio is a French boutique IP firm based in Paris, France.

We work with national and international clients in all aspects of Intellectual Property excepting patent matters. Ab initio can represent clients directly before the French Industrial Property Office (INPI) as well as before the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), the WIPO and we work with a high quality network of IP specialists around the world. We namely deal with availability searches, filing, prosecution, opposition, watch services, recording issues and renewals. We also provide expert consultancy on trademarks, designs, author’s rights, domain names, unfair competition and all related matters. We handle oppositions and other administrative contentious matters and we assist our clients in negotiations.
In France, Industrial Property Attorneys (CPI) are not litigators, but we can refer our clients to several high quality IP Attorneys at Law.

Annick Pairault founded Ab initio in 2007. She started her professional career in 1986 and has worked as a French and European Trademark and Design Attorney since then in IP Firms. Annick is an active member (Advisor of the President and former Treasurer) of the APRAM (French association of Trademark law and Industrial design). She is also a member of the National Association of Industrial Property Attorneys (CNCPI), of the ECTA (European Community Trademark association) of INTA and of MARQUES. She has been regularly invited since 2002 as an instructor for the National Industrial Property Office IP education program.

Local Expertise:

France (FR)