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Ashoka Law Associates

Ashoka House, 8 Central Lane, Bengali Market, Connaught Place
110001 New Delhi
India (IN)
Tel +91 11 237 52162/ +91 11 237 13492
Fax +91 11 233 51300/ +91 11 435 26670

Founded in 1976, Ashoka Group started as an end-to-end IP Boutique firm specialising in Intellectual Property Laws targeting the booming domestic Indian economy. Over the last two decades, upon loyal client’s requests for expertise and legal assistance in other areas of law such as Corporate Law and Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Ashoka Law Associates has expanded and diversified into a full-service law firm.

Ashoka Law Associates is a full-service law firm passionately dedicated and catering to the needs of the fast-expanding economies of the world.

Our firm specializes and provides customised solutions to meet the specific needs and requirements of our both domestic as well as international clients.

Local Expertise:

India (IN)