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TF IP Advocates & Legal Services

Tamim Fares
Tamim Fares
Al Jamhorya Street
P.O. Box 12685 Damascus
Syria (SY)
Tel + 963 11 223 7194
Fax + 963 11 222 0011

TF IP Advocates & Legal Services is a full services IP Law office based in Damascus, Syria that is committed to bringing the best IP experience to clients and associates around the world through its valuable knowledge, professional quality services and best legal consultancy in the field of IP (Intellectual Property). TF stands for Tamim Fares the founder and managing lawyer of the office.

TF IP Advocates & Legal Services provides a wide-range of innovative intellectual property services which includes among others:
1) Conducting Comprehensive Availability Searches and providing legal opinions on the register-ability of Trademarks and Designs.
2) Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyrights.
3) Maintenance of intellectual property titles by effecting renewals and annuities.
4) Providing legal advices and counsel on Assignments, Licensing and other Intellectual Property Rights related matters.
5) Lodging of Oppositions and Appeals before the competent authorities.
6) Representing Clients and defending all IP Rights before the IP-Office and the Competent Courts.
7) Undertaking of Legal Actions, Infringement Actions and relative proceedings.

TF IP Advocates & Legal Services prides itself on the Quality of Service, the Transparency in Work and The Thorough Attention to IP Cases.

Mr. Tamim Fares has founded and built the Office with all the eagerness and passion to assist and help the Office’s clients to get and secure protection of their IP Rights by offering them competitive and flexible prices for a truly unique, professional and high quality services.

Local Expertise:

Syria (SY)