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Sep 20, 2017
Patrick Cantrill, Rose Smalley and Rachel Hearson, Bond Dickinson LLP, United Kingdom
First published on

European Commission publishes principles for the dialog...

Patrick Cantrill, Rose Smalley and Rachel Hearson, Bond Dickinson LLP, United Kingdom, First published on www.bonddickinson.comThe European Commission (EC) has published its principles for the dialogue on intellectual property rights in the Brexit negotiations, the first time the EC has commented on its position since the Referendum.
The publication brings positive news for owners of what are called "Intellectual property rights having unitary character within the Union", applicants for supplemental protection certificates, and companies, businesses and individuals who rely upon the exhaustion of rights in the EU as part of their trading operations. However, the reciprocity required to achieve the aims underpinned by these principles may be unrealistic, given the apparent motivations of the UK for leaving the EU, and there are concerns that, to date, little consideration has been given the practical implementation of these arrangements, and the administrative burden facing the UK and EU intellectual property offices.
The principles provide guidance on the treatment of registered unitary intellectual property rights, as well as on pending
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