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Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A.

Rua do Patrocínio, 94
1399-019 Lisbon
Portugal (PT)
Tel + 351 213 907 373
Fax + 351 213 978 754

Raul César Ferreira (Herd.), S.A. is a leading IP firm in Portugal, established in 1929, also working in Macao, Angola, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde and Timor.

The Patent Department have expertise in several technical areas (chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, mechanical engineering, etc) and knowledge of drafting, prosecution, enforcement and litigation.

The Trademark Department have also expertise in searches and search opinions, prosecution, enforcement and oppositions in National, Community and International trademarks, and litigation.

RCF also has a vast expertise in matters such as utility models, designs, copyrights, anti counterfeiting and also in IP due diligence, namely validity analysis, infringement analysis, technical expertise in litigation, infringement probative searches, state of the art and advanced technical searches, skilled surveillance, maintenance and technical translations..

Our team collaborators, both external and in-house collaborators, are specialized in all sorts of IP rights. Having made a great investment in highly skilled persons, our collaborators are mainly patents and trademark attorneys but also collaborators specifically qualified in the field of mechanics, chemistry, computer science, biology, molecular biology, pharmacy, biochemistry and others with experience in infringement analysis and validity assessment of IP rights, conducting state of the art searches, promoting an active expert cooperation in IP lawsuits.

Local Expertise:

Macau (MO)  
Mozambique (MZ)  
Portugal (PT)