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De Tullio & Partners, Intellectual Property Attorneys

Elio de Tullio
Elio de Tullio
Viale Liegi, 48/b
00198 Rome
Italy (IT)
Tel +39 06 8535 6383
Fax +39 06 8535 1514

De Tullio & Partners is a Rome-based high-tech intellectual property law firm established in 2005 by the IP-specialised lawyer and industrial property attorney Elio De Tullio, which offers a wide range of innovative services in all fields of intellectual property, such as trademarks, patents, designs, copyright and new technology rights.

De Tullio & Partners offers assistance in relation to the management of Clients’ intellectual property portfolios, the enhancement of the value of their intellectual property rights - for the purpose, among other things, of financing their activities - and the adoption of actions and strategies in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

De Tullio & Partners provides assistance in the filing and prosecution of applications for the registration of intellectual property rights, litigation before the Italian courts and alternative procedures, as well as in negotiating and drafting agreements for the exploitation of IP assets.

De Tullio & Partners also provides consultancy services in support of the strategic choices made by businesses, helping them to set up solid business models and negotiate advantageous agreements, as well as allowing them to develop - thanks to advance long-term cost and result strategic planning - their potential to the maximum extent possible.

De Tullio & Partners is able to draw on the IP-related skills and experience of its multilingual team of lawyers and technical staff, who can assist businesses in all aspects of IP.

De Tullio & Partners’ professionals are also authors of numerous publications and regularly participate, as speakers, in local and international conferences.

Local Expertise:

Italy (IT)