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IP Services Special

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The goal of this special is to provide an overview of IP services, to give an insight into typical questions arising from decisions to procure IP services and to assist our readers in selecting an IP service provider.

Should I rely on a provider or should I manage all IP related issues myself?
What are the criteria when choosing the right service provider?
Which problems will I have to face when dealing with a service provider?

These topics and related aspects will be addressed in
our articles.

In the IP Service Firm Index, several IP service firms are introduced along with their company profiles, services portfolios, unique selling propositions and contact details.

IP service: Make or Buy

François Griesmar, IP Lawyer, Switzerland

François Griesmar, IP Lawyer, SwitzerlandMany industry IP Lawyers would state that the answer to this Make or Buy question is obvious for them since this is an almost daily matter; however if you ask them to formulate a structured 5-10 minutes summary designated to explain to non IP practitioners – such as the general management of a company – how they arbitrate between Make or Buy and why, you can bet that many of them would not be able to do it on the spot. Indeed this exercise should be practised from time to time and this Make or Buy question is a good opportunity to do this. read more

Selecting IP Legal Services Providers

Dr. Richard Brunner, Dennemeyer & Associates, Germany
Stéphane Speich, Dennemeyer & Associates, Luxembourg

Dr. Richard Brunner, Dennemeyer & Associates, Germany, Stéphane Speich, Dennemeyer & Associates, LuxembourgMore in-house IP managers recognize that assigning intellectual property work to outside counsel and specialized IP services providers raise multiple benefits inside the company. These benefits include of course financial aspects, such as lower costs and better cost transparency, but go beyond: in-house IP counsel can concentrate on more strategic aspects of their work, communicate more with their in-house clients and create a most efficient collaboration between service provider, in-house counsel and clients.  read more

Legal Process Outsourcing

Dr. Alok Aggarwal, Evalueserve, USA

Dr. Alok Aggarwal, Evalueserve, USAThe Legal Process Outsourcing industry is growing fast, and it is already the fastest growing sub-sector in the Knowledge Process Outsourcing domain. Even during the Great Recession, the LPO sector grew by 40% each year. Almost all of the offshore outsourcing work is being sent from the U.S. and the U.K. More than 90% of the LPO work is either being directly outsourced by Corporate Counsels or on behalf of Corporate Counsels (by their preferred law firms). So far, law firms have been hesitant to offshore outsourcing. read more

Checklist for selecting a new service provider

P. Kandiah, KASS International Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

P. Kandiah, KASS International Sdn. Bhd., MalaysiaIntellectual Property (IP) Rights are gaining prominence in the international marketplace. Globalisation of trade, location of R&D activities, manufacturing, structure and location of IP asset holding companies, recent rapid growth of patent and trademark filing, etc, all are creating challenges to IP service providers. It is important that an appropriate IP service provider is selected to meet the challenges. What should you look for in an appropriate IP service provider and how do you go about it?  read more

Intellectual Property Data Management Systems

Donal O’Connell, Chawton Innovation Service Ldt., UK

Donal O’Connell, Chawton Innovation Service Ldt., UKIP rights are valuable assets for any business, possibly among the most important that it possesses. It is therefore imperative that whatever IP Data Management System is in use is fit for purpose, and brings some value to those using the system, the IP processes it supports and the IP data contained therein. There are a range of systems available to help manage the running of any Corporate IP Department and to help the IP personnel and others involved in the IP processes to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.  read more

Overview of the services of the Patent Office of Poland

Karolina Marciniszyn, Kochanski Zieba Rapala & Partners, Poland

Karolina Marciniszyn, Kochanski Zieba Rapala & Partners, PolandThe Patent Office of the Republic of Poland is the central body of government administration in matters of industrial property and in accordance with regulations in force in Poland is subject to supervision by the Council of Ministers, and in particular supervision by the Minister of Economy. It is worth noting that the Polish Patent Office has a long established tradition within the Polish system, and three years ago it celebrated its ninetieth anniversary. read more