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Pietro Gambaro, Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati, Italy
First published on

Registering non-traditional trademarks under the new EU...

Pietro Gambaro, Trevisan & Cuonzo Avvocati, Italy, First published on www.lexology.comOn 1 October 2017, an additional set of rules concerning EU trademarks under EU Regulation 2015/2424 amending EU Regulation 207/2009, and codified under EU Regulation 2017/1001 (hereinafter EUTMR), came into effect. The former provisions required that, in order to obtain registration, a trademark had to be capable of: i) being represented graphically; ii) distinguishing the goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings. By abolishing the requirement of graphical representation, the reform aims  read more